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I turn up to work each day with a sense of satisfaction knowing that the people I work with are people I respect and care about. The biggest buzz is seeing them do a good job with a high degree of professionalism, care and that personal touch.

The staff here are supported and it shows in the way they conduct themselves in their day to day operations, they go the extra mile, they get great results and they remain modest and grounded. This business is not about me it has and will always remain about providing good service day in day out.

My background is that of a farm kid, apprenticed boiler maker, tradesman, national steel companies sale and marketing, emergency services and now real estate. Like our customers we all have our own stories and experiences and these are often the things that are overlooked. We want our customers and prospective customers to know that what’s in it for them is both balanced and outcomes focussed.

We keep it very real and down to earth, and we know that your asset will be respected and taken care of.



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