About Town Real Estate is About You our Customer


You need candid advice with all the good and bad news because we are not just About Listing, we are About Selling your property. You will know exactly what the plan is, what the costs are and what the likely sale price will be upfront. No surprises!! Our plans work because we start with the situation as it is, not as we would all like it to be.

Real Estate is considered illiquid meaning it is not readily turned into cash should you decide to exit quickly.

So it is important to know that the people at About Town Real Estate will deal with you openly and provide you with a high degree comfort when undertaking the sales process.

We do not offer financial or legal advice and we encourage all participants to seek information not only about the property but its financial and legal considerations.

Over time we have worked in both development and project marketing and have learned many of the hard lessons, we are happy to pass these on to our clients in order to make them aware of some of the pitfalls or rewards that may exist within a particular project.